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  • Jigsaw Kennedy Sunglasses Handmade to Perfection

    Each pair of Jigsaw Kennedy Sunglasses are handmade to achieve the most appealing round shape with smokey lenses giving the Kennedy Sunglasses exquisite style with ultra glamourous feel. These frames consist of curved temples which offer a comfortable fit by helping the frames to fit the wearers face. Made from a cellulose frame and acrylic lenses, the Kennedy Sunglasses will provide maximum protection against UV rays and meet all safety standards. The Kennedy's are available in rich blue or a classic streaky tortoiseshell and are a must for the Fashionable! Buy Jigsaw[...]
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  • Fat Face blows away competition with Sport Fused "Le Face" Frames!

    Earlier this year Fat Face launched its own range of Sunglasses made to the highest specifications exceeding European and US Safety Standards. Known for their activity lifestyle brand, Fat Face has developed a unique range of glasses to suit anyone from fashion experts to the sports enthusiast from windsurfing to snowboarding suiting all face sizes. Some of the great benefits Fat Face Sunglasses have to offer are: * Great comfort and style * UV 400 lenses for 100% UV protection on all Sunglasses * Impact proof lenses designed to be shatter proof * Durable frames, designed to withstand the toughest of conditions * Increased clarity of vision using Lenses that are "Optical Class 1â" Made to meet the demands of the Fat Face Team Riders and sporting enthusiasts alike, the following "Le Face" Sunglasses comprise of a high performance sports visor and Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate High Definition Lenses. Fat Face "Le Face"[...]
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  • Persol Limited Edition Sunglasses featured by James Bond in Casino Royale

    Persol Limited Edition Sunglasses featured by James Bond in Casino Royale Persol have released an exclusive small number of Limited Edition Sunglasses specially personalized with the "Casino Royale Limited Edition" signature to celebrate the link between Persol and James Bond. It comes with a special case which features the James Bond 007 logo and bears the two Meflecto metal cylinders on the arms with the steel arrows on the hinges. Persol have incorporated all the comfort and detail elements that distinguish the brand. During Casino Royale, James Bond wears two different types of Persol Sunglasses. At the start, Bond wears the Persol 2244 Sunglasses which is comprised of a cool metal frame and in the second part after many adventures, changes to the Persol style 2720. These Sunglasses are a Limited Edition and are a must for all James Bond Fans! Grab them while you can! The name Persol is derived from the Italian phrase "per il sole" which means "for the sun". Buy Persol 2720 Limited Edition[...]
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  • Maui Jim Fight to Improve Eye Health Around the World

    Maui Jim are working in conjunction with Unite For Sight to be able to provide Maui Jim's proven glare and UV protection to needy cataract and pterygium patients whose eyes are extremely vulnerable to damage from the sun following surgery. With 80% of blindness curable or preventable, Unite for Sight strive to eliminate preventable blindness, supporting eye clinics in Ghana, Honduras, and India. Ideal for individuals with a low nasal bridge, the Maui Jim Akamai Sunglasses feature a special rubberized nose bridge and made with a rectangular style, the Akamai Sunglasses provide a suitable fit for many face shapes such as oval or oblong. Buy Maui Jim [...]
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  • Serengeti sunglasses are recommended by ophthalmologists

    Serengeti reached the top of the Polarized Sunglasses market after launch in 1985, due to their unique combination of lenses and innovative technology involving:

    • Photochromic technology.
    • Anti-blue light technology.
    • Spectral control technology improving contrast of contrasts and colours.
    • Polarized filter absorbing 100% of reflected light.

    Serengeti Sunglasses are recommended by ophthalmologists and have proved popular being worn by much of the famous providing performance, style and protection. Made with state of the art technology, Serengeti Sunglasses ensure your eyes are cared for in any light. Up for any adventure the featured Serengeti Bocca Sunglasses are ready to go wherever you are providing a enhanced view from both sides of the lens with stylishly curved oval frames. Buy Serengeti Bocca[...]
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  • Anti-Glare lenses were born through Ray Ban in 1937

    In May 1937 Ray Ban were first created by Bausch & Lomb who patented a prototype known as Anti-Glare which made of mineral glass was used to filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. Prior to this Lieutenant John MacCready had been on a balloon trip and suffered permanent damage to his eye from the sun. He contacted Bausch & Lomb and asked them to create a pair of Sunglasses that would provide excellent protection against the sun but also look very elegant as well and so the Ray Ban Aviators was born. These were made with gold plated rims housing green filtered lenses made of mineral glass and were introduced to the United States Air Force where pilots adopted them straight away. Ray Ban Sunglasses became well known when General Douglas MacArthur landed in the Philippines in World War 2 and was received by several photographers snapping photos of him wearing the Ray Ban Aviator's. Also known as the Predator's the above model RB 3269 are made with impact / scratch resistant lenses ensuring 100% UV protection with excellent optical clarity cased in a lightweight durable oval frame. Ray Ban are one of the best selling brands worldwide to date and are regularly worn by hollywood acts and celebrities worldwide from the likes of The Blues Brothers, Will Smith and Tom Cruise in the famous blockbuster hit "Top Gun". Buy Ray-Ban RB 3629[...]
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  • Prada Remain Exceptionally Stylish with the PR 60IS model

    Founded as a small company in 1913 in Italy, Prada was formerly known as Prada Brothers and began trading in leather goods from their first store in Milan. Miuccia Prada took over the company in 1989 and has transformed it into providing the luxury goods and high class fashion we see today. The new PR 60IS are Prada's testimony showing that Prada Sunglasses have always been fashionable, functional and yet exceptionally stylish! Buy Prada[...]
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  • Formed in 1917, Persol today are favoured for their sports durability

    The name Persol is derived from the Italian phrase "per il sole" which means "for the sun". Giueseppe Ratti formed Persol in 1917 originally catering Sunglasses for pilots and sports drivers. Persol Sunglasses are favoured in the sports industry for their excellent sun handling capability and endurance in sports. Many of Persol's Sunglasses feature their trademark symbol, which is the silver arrow. Persol P02279S Sunglasses are is available in Gun Metal, Shiny Black Frames or Brown with crystal green or brown lens colour options. Buy Persol P02279S[...]
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  • Christian Dior Continue to Dominate in Global High Fashion

    Founded in Paris 1946, Christian Dior still globally dominate in cosmetics, luxury goods, and high fashion retail. Now simply commonly known as 'Dior', their Sunglasses are as popular as ever with a huge celebrity fan base displaying a range of Dior Sunglasses in celebrity and fashion magazines worldwide. Shown here are the Dior Suite 84J Sunglasses. All Dior Sunglasses come with a Dior cleaning cloth and a case or pouch so that you can keep them looking shiny and new from the first time you buy them. Buy Dior Suite 84J[...]
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  • Brad Pitt spotted wearing Gucci Gold Rim Aviators

    Brad Pitt a fan of gold rim Aviator Sunglasses has been spotted wearing the Gucci 1906 Retro 80’s vintage square aviator frames home to chromatic honey coloured lenses. Various colours are available. Buy Gucci 1906 [...]
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