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  • Red Is The New Black

    Have you heard? The newest trend in sunglasses this fall is red, from crimson to blood orange to scarlet. All the designer companies are offering designer sunglasses in these trendy colors. Red sunglasses are huge with the Hollywood pack this year. And as Hollywood goes, so goes the rest of the world. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Reds have been spotted on Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johansson, and Drew Barrymore. Ann Hathaway caused quite a stir in oversized Jee-Vice Red Hot sunglasses, and people are writing in to websites that specialize in figuring out what a particular celebrity is wearing at a particular time to ask if anyone can identify the red sunglasses that 'Sloanâ' wore on the HBO television show Entourage. And it's not just red frames that are in demand. Ben Affleck wore a customized red pair of Ray-Ban Predator 3119 Olympia sunglasses in the 2003 movie version of the Marvel Comics' legendary superhero Daredevil. These specially designed Ray-Ban sunglasses were the 'official eyewear' of the movie Daredevil. Ray-Ban added a Superhero twist: distinctive red lenses in pewter frames to capture Daredevil's superhero persona. Only a limited number of these sunglasses with the special red lenses were available to consumers. Now those are very difficult to find anywhere except on EBay. Vintage is in, and nothing says 'retroâ' like red sunglasses, which are reported to be selling big at vintage shops. For you die-hards out there, there is a Facebook group called 'Wearing Red Sunglasses Appreciation Society'. Just be warned: it appears that they prefer to photograph their members wearing nothing BUT red sunglasses.

    Ben Affleck | Ray Ban Daredevil

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  • Oakley Sunglasses

    How would you like to be able to talk on your phone through your sunglasses? Or listen to your IPod the same way? Oakley's line of Bluetooth eyewear will let you do just that. Jim Jannard, who started the Oakley sunglasses company has a motto: "everything in the world can and will be made better", and he has applied it to building a better pair of sunglasses. Lots of them, actually. Oakley sunglasses have state-of-the-art features like peripheral view, aerodynamic design, high definition lenses, and high mass impact protection. For instance, their Industrial M-Frame line can protect eyes from a blow from a five-inch metal spike weighing more than a pound dropped from over four feet.

    Oakley | Split Thump

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