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  • CK Teams with Marchon: 3-D Sunglasses Set for Release Next Month

    The 3-D technology has taken the the gizmo world by storm and by next month, the fashion sunglasses industry will be swept along for the ride. Gucci has blazed the trail, incorporating their classy sunglasses frame and 3-D technology. ck Calvin Klein Eyewear and Marchon have followed suit, adding 3-D sunglasses in its extensive line.[...]
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  • Lindsay Lohan Appears in Sober House Wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers

    The latest in Lindsay Lohan's chaotic life has her living in a sober house in Rancho Mirage, California. She was spotted wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers in Black. Lindsay Lohan is currently on rehab under the Betty Ford Clinic and seems to be responding well to treatment. In fact, her Betty Ford counselors have allowed her to go on a photo shoot this week at Palm Springs. According to Lohan's attorney, Lohan is on the road to recovery and has been complying with the program's directives. Linday Lohan is set to star in a biopic featuring Linda Lovelace called, "Inferno." Linda Lovelace was an American pornographic actress who was turned into an activist, claiming that her husband forced her into acting in the pornographic films and prostitution. Lohan still remains as controversial as ever, however, no one can doubt that this girl has style. Immerse yourself in youthful impulsiveness with your very own Ray Ban Wayfarers to get the Lindsay Lohan look.[...]
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