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  • Iconic screen legends and their sunglasses

    If you think back to the beauty icons of our times, you will soon see that in most photographs of them they all had one accessory in common; sunglasses.[...]
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  • Beat the summer burnout!

    Summer is full of parties, barbeques, pub drinks; general socialising and with this social calendar comes drunken regrets, hangovers, blisters and a bloated stomach. But don't fear, here at Sunglasses Save we have devised our top 5 tips, over the next two weeks, on how to beat the summer burnout![...]
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  • Holiday dilemma

    It's finally happened, yes that right my boyfriend has finally got his bottom into gear and booked our summer holiday; but not just any summer holiday might I add. He has only surpassed himself and gone and booked us a lush holiday to Las Vegas![...]
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  • Every girl's (summer) best friend!

    Yes of course I am talking about sunglasses. The number one summer accessory is a must have. Not only do they protect our eyes from the glare of the sun, make that shameful morning after a little less visible but they also allow us to look sheek and stylish at all times. From the beach, to the car, to the garden; sunglasses are needed whenever and wherever the sun goes![...]
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  • Beyond retro!

    Everybody loves a bit of retro nowadays, from trawling vintage boutiques, to grabbing a bargain off of an online auction site, to even clambering through your parents wardrobes; the truth is we all love retro![...]
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  • Ray Bans: Men's First Choice

    Men might not know their kitten heels from their courts, their blouses from their shirts, but the one thing that every metro, new-aged man does know about it the stylish yet essential summer accessory that is the sunglasses![...]
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