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  • James Bond!

    I recently read an article regarding James Bonds sunglasses and how they never appear to be a particular brand . At first I deemed this article to be untrue; after all we know everything about Bond, from what watch he wears, to how he takes his Martini, to which shampoo he uses. However, upon fast-forwarding and rewinding through many James Bond films, I actually found this factor to be true up until Piers Brosnan and Daniel Craig.[...]
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  • Sunglasses Save - Sales/Admin job avaliable is growing and we require a new Sales and Admin employee to handle extra sales channels and increased product range.[...]
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  • Men and choosing their sunglasses!

    Men love their sunglasses; some wear them to look cool, some wear them to protect their eyes from the rays and some and some wear them for sporting purposes; they are both popular for functionality and style![...]
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  • Coachella Festival

    Leading on from last week's post 'fashion festival fever' I thought it fitting to summarize this year's first festival which kicked off of the 15th April; yes that's right I am going to discuss the Coachella festival; who performed, which celebrities turned up and more importantly, what they wore to the event![...]
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  • Fashion festival Fever

    With Coachella festival in America starting of festival proceedings last month, let's make way for festival season, and with festival season comes festival fever; let the fashionista meet the tent! [...]
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  • New Sales & Admin Role

  • The 2011 Met Ball and the homage to McQueen

    The 2011 Met Ball was in full swing last night in America, not only did thousands of celebrities show up to support the event and show off their beautiful gowns; but some of them looked so beautiful that I had to wear my sunglasses in order to protect my eyes from the 'beauty glare' that shone off of many of them. Let's recap on some of the night's designs, most of whom were of course Alexander McQueen designs![...]
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