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  • Polarized sunglasses

    When making your choices of eyewear in the sun you will find so much to choose from including tinted and mirrored lenses with gradients and all sorts going on, and you will find sunglasses, which are polarized. What does this actually mean, and does it make the shades any better? Will it make a different?[...]
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  • It's all in the eyes

    The eyes are the window to the soul, and one of the first things people notice about you. Every person's eyes are so different, in fact, they are very much like a fingerprint, and new technology uses eye scanning as a way to identify people and provide security.[...]
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  • Splashing the cash

    This weekend if you didn't have any sunglasses you may have been in a bit of a spot, squinting whilst driving or out shopping, which you don't want because apparently squinting causes wrinkles![...]
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  • Car Sunglasses

    When driving in your car the worst thing that can happen is for the sun to be directly in your vision making things uncomfortable and sometime even dangerous! [...]
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  • Sunglasses

    Most people wear them to protect their eyes, some use them to hide their identity, some hide tired and puffy eyes. Whatever you use them for, picking the right pair of sunglasses can really make a look, create a persona, and tell people you mean the business.[...]
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