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  • Sunglass movie magic

    Persol, the luxury sunglass design, has just launched a new exhibition, based on its appearance of sunglasses in the movies. [...]
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  • How to become a cult pair of sunglasses

    We all probably have our favourite glasses, which suit our face, and never let us down. There are styles and colours that people particularly go for, and with the movement of technology in lenses and frame structure there are more and more choices on the market.[...]
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  • Children's Sunglasses

    In a recent survey, it was found that 7 out of 10 children did not wear sunglasses when they were outside, unlike the 68% of adults that do. With the great increase in labelling products to show how much protection they offer to skin, many people still do not realise what damage the sun can do to their eyes, and if you want to grow old gracefully, squinting in the sun isn't going to slow down your crow's feet, it's going to speed them up.[...]
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  • White shades- Sunglasses

    White sunglasses are the shade for the cool, the extreme sport fanatic, the beach bum, the young free and gorgeous, and like white cars, are completely back in vogue this summer.[...]
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