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  • He's crazy…about sunglasses

    This week's news has been full of the revolution in Libya, groups of incredibly happy people lining the streets of the towns in celebration. The other side of this is we see Colonel Gaddafi on many television stations taking part in hard-hitting interviews. It seems that Gaddafi seems to be a huge fan of designer sunglasses, in fact these days you will not see him without a pair.[...]
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  • Hay fever eyes

    Throughout the summer, I've managed to not be afflicted by the seasonal curse of Hay fever. After years of suffering, I think I have it down to a fine art and know when it's going to hit me full on in the fact like a train. [...]
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  • Put a price on your eyes

    Luxottica, the retail giant who specialises in premium products such as eyewear and sportswear has just bought the Erroca Sunglasses chain for $20 million. [...]
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  • Prescription Sunglasses

    Across the globe, a whopping 96 million people wear glasses due to poor sight, 66% of which are in the USA alone. Apparently, in the UK more that 3 million of us wear glasses. When it comes to prescriptions, our opticians go through rigorous testing to find a solution that will enable us to see, to read, to drive and will suit our lifestyles. When give a prescription that particular strength of lens or contact lens will last for two years, because unfortunately our eyes tend to degenerate. [...]
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  • Printed Sunglasses

    Prints have been and are currently incredibly popular in the fashion world, from animal, floral, swirls to spots, cars and music stereos. A print piece of clothing can be an exciting and bright addition to your wardrobe. Printing doesn't have to stop at clothes, this season see an amazing array of printed sunglasses, so if you're looking for something cool, interesting and eye catching, take a look at the range of printed sunglasses on and off the high street. [...]
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