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  • I call blind.

    It’s day 5 of the World Series of Poker, you’ve been sitting playing along with some of the greats. You’ve noticed their style and the way they handle themselves, you’ve pick up on a lot of things about the way they present themselves at the table. You’ve notice that some of the players wear hats or have their hoods up to cover their faces, but you notice that most of the poker players are wearing sunglasses, this is because there is a lot to read behind the eyes and the eyes are the window to the soul.[...]
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  • Eco Friendly sunglasses

    Stella McCartney daughter of Beatles legend Paul, is soon to launch her own range of eco-friendly sunglasses that will be added to her spring collection. The new collection will have 5 pairs of eco-friendly sunglasses, three of which that have frames made from acetate and two of which have metal frames. The two styles use a different type of plastic unlike the traditional style of glasses, which makes them better for the environment. Most soft framed sunglasses are usually produced from plastics that contain petroleum components, but these new eco-friendly glasses are made with a 54% influence from castor oil seeds, which are an incredible renewable source. The three frames produced from the new acetate plastic are unique to the industry. The acetate plastic itself combines cellulose with natural plastics made with citric acids. Stella is very fond of her work is extremely proud of her new eco-friendly sunglasses, but she mentioned that the whole experiment was very difficult.[...]
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  • Is it cool to squint?

    Unbelievably even despite the range of celebrities who wear glasses such as Tinnie Tempah, Johnny Depp and our favourite chef, Heston Blumenthal, in a recent survey results showed that school children would rather squint and damage their eyes than wear glasses. This all comes down to classroom teasing and bullying, but by not taking precautions to make lessons easier, kids are quickly damaging their eyes. A national survey from a leading optician noticed a third of children who did wear glasses had been subjected to bullying and teasing at some point in their life. Many children told the survey they hid their glasses to stop the teasing. 26% told the survey they were embarrassed about the glasses and 16% preferred to squint at the whiteboard rather than wear the glasses they have been prescribed. [...]
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  • Picking out the fakes

    It can be a slight gamble when purchasing sunglasses from auction sites such as eBay, those pairs of D & G Sunglasses from China are an incredible price, but they may not be the real deal.[...]
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  • Give me those baby eyes

    To some, the epic Indian summer is over, mostly around the north of the country, if you’re lucky enough to still be basking in the sun! Lucky you.[...]
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