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  • April showers? Put on your shades

    It is a bit of a cliché when we see celebs wearing sunglasses, even in the darkest corners of a LA Club and we think, why on earth are you wearing sunglasses? Can you even see anything? We realise that celebs want to try to keep a low profile to avoid being papped at all times, but, unless their shades are super x-ray specs, how do they see in the dark.[...]
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  • Protect your shades-protect your eyes.

    You've found your favourite sunglasses out over the weekend. Thanks to the increase in sunny weather, many of us have had a look around and fished out our reliable, comfortable fail-safe sunglasses. You might have had them for a few years, they may have been last years treat to yourself, but one of the most annoying and common ways to destroy your favourite eyewear is sitting on them. Yes, sitting on your sunglasses is one of the most common ways of ruining a decent pair of sunglasses. We also like to drop them, lose them and let them fall off our heads into lakes and rivers. It is very frustrating.[...]
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  • Essential Spring Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory, but they’re also essential for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you’re looking forward to shaking away the winter cobwebs by getting active, then sunglasses might be a bit of your kit you’ve not considered. With the spring sunshine well on the way, it’s worth taking note of the benefits of investing in a good pair of sunglasses – whatever your plans are this season.[...]
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  • Retro Inspiration

    This week we're taking a look at how this season's trends have been inspired by sunglasses styles through the ages. From aviators to almonds, this season is all about reinventing that vintage style.[...]
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