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  • Instaglasses, an instant success?

    Instagram is massive news. Not only did facebook splash out $1bn on buying the app, but it’s difficult to traverse Twitter or Facebook without tripping over the filtered, jazzed up photos that can make nothing really look like something. But how does this impact on sunglasses I hear you cry? Well, now there might be the chance to view the world in all its Instagram glory – through your own pair of ‘Instaglasses.’[...]
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  • Shade Aid

    Here in the UK many people will admit to purchasing a new pair of sunglasses to update their favourite outfit and fit in with the latest fashion trends. It can leave you wondering what happens to all of the old pairs of sunglasses. Do they just sit in an old draw, or get thrown in the bin? Let us tell you about a better way of getting rid of your unwanted pairs. Shade Aid is an exciting new project that has been set up by Vision Aid Overseas and Build Africa with the aim to prevent blindness, caused by ocular sun damage.[...]
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  • Sunglasses - Rain or Shine

    So, it might well be June but the weather isn’t behaving – but that’s no reason to abandon your sunglasses completely. Who knows when you’ll need your sunglasses, so make sure to have them with you at all times – though this might need a bit of extra care and forward planning.[...]
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  • Shades for destructive children.

    Its quite amusing to watch mothers try as they might, make their kids wear hats or sun cream or comb their hair, especially when that child generally screams hits out and runs away.[...]
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  • Sunglasses for Summer

    With the weather here in England changing from being incredibly warm and sunny one week, to dull and rainy the next, it may have left you longing for an escape out of the country. Whilst you sit there counting down the days to your next summer holiday abroad, you may want to start having a think about the items you need to take with you. As well as summer essentials like clothes, sun cream and beachwear, it is important that you remember your sunglasses! Not only will they help you to look fashionable and hide any holiday hangover eyes, but most importantly they will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. [...]
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