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  • Don't put yourself at risk by wearing fakes!

    It has recently been reported in the UK news that police in Leicestershire have seized hundreds of fake designer sunglasses that were being sold at markets, car boot sales and festivals. The counterfeit glasses were made to look like Oakley, Dior and Gucci sunglasses but were sold cheaper than the genuine brands. After being tested it was found that not only were they fake, but they failed to meet safety requirements, meaning that those wearing them were in fact putting themselves at risk.[...]
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  • Sunglasses for Winter

    We tend to associate sunglasses as something we wear only in the summer, but it is strongly recommended that you wear them in the winter too. Some people may find the thought of wearing their sunglasses in the winter ridiculous, however they can be particularly useful if you are driving on snowy roads or taking part in winter sports.[...]
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  • Men prefer to wear designer sunglasses

    We tend to think of designer fashion accessories as being associated with women, but it seems we may be wrong to think this way. A new study into the sunglasses sector showed that men were more than twice as likely as women, to buy a pair of designer sunglasses.[...]
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  • Just landed: Randolph Engineering

    Here at Sunglasses Save we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the latest sunglasses from some of the leading eyewear designers in the world. We offer competitive prices, with all of our sunglasses marked at just a fraction of the recommended retailing price. This week we are pleased to announce that Randolph Engineering sunglasses are now available to purchase directly from our website.[...]
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  • Missing ‘lucky’ sunglasses

    When a person loses their sunglasses, it isn’t usually a big deal, however when Lizzie Armistead, one of Great Britain’s top cyclists lost her ‘lucky’ Oakley sunglasses, this was a whole other matter! During the women’s 86 mile road race through Surrey on Sunday, Lizzie dropped her favourite pair of shades. She said that the rain was causing her to have visual problems, so she decided to raise her sunglasses, so that she could get a better view of the route ahead. Unfortunately her glasses must have slipped off and tumbled onto the ground, which meant she had to drive on without them. Despite going on to win a silver medal for the race, without her lucky glasses, Lizzie was eager to be reunited with them, before the time trial race, which took place yesterday.[...]
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