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  • Sunglasses at the Emmys – A fashion faux pas?

    We all know just how much celebrities love their designer sunglasses. They wear them when they are popping out to the shops, coming back from the gym, leaving for work and yes they probably wear them around the house too. Despite being associated with fame, glamour and power, celebrities are not often spotted wearing their favourite shades at award ceremonies. Here in the office we have been trying to decide whether they are a fashion faux pas at such events?[...]
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  • Sunglasses at London Fashion Week

    London Fashion Week S/S 13 drew to a close on Tuesday, leaving us longing for the spring and all of the trends we have to look forward to. High end designers use Fashion Week as a way of showcasing their upcoming collections for the next season. Celebrities, editors and fashion bloggers flocked to Somerset House desperate to be the first to witness the latest trends and share them with their fashion-hungry readers.[...]
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  • Happy Birthday Karl Lagerfeld!

    Karl Lagerfeld, the grandfather of fashion, turned the respectful age of 79 on Monday, amidst the excitement of New York fashion week. The German born designer is known for his distinctive, iconic look, consisting of monochromatic attire, leather gloves, white hair and dark sunglasses, but this has not always been his signature style. Back in the seventies, Karl was often spotted in tight swimsuits in St. Tropez, showing off his toned figure and high heels in Paris, which certainly made him stand out from the crowd. It was the eighties when we saw Karl begin to find his signature look. He was often spotted wearing long overcoats and his classic black sunglasses, which today he is only ever seen without on the rarest of occasions.[...]
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  • Ray Ban celebrate 75 years of success

    If you were to ask people to name a designer sunglasses brand, I think it is fair to say the name on the end of most people’s tongues would be Ray Ban. The brand has certainly gained an iconic reputation over the last seventy five years, worn by celebrities including Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, Madonna and Debbie Harry. If you are looking for a pair of designer sunglasses, Ray Ban are most people’s first choice, known all over the world for their timeless glamour, superior quality and desirability.[...]
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