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  • Prepare for the winter weather with our favourite snow goggles

    It is only October so winter is still a long way off however some countries have already experienced their first heavy snowfall! Although snow isn’t everyone’s favourite thing, it is great news for skiers and snowboarders who may be able to start the season early. One of the resorts in Canada is set to open tomorrow, which is the earliest it has ever opened in a year. There has also been snow in California and Austria, where they currently have the most ski areas open in the world. Last week there was up to 60cm of snow in the central Alps but most of it melted due to a rise in temperature, though it is expected to snow again across large parts of the mountains this weekend. With all this news of snow we thought we would prepare you with a run-down of the best ski sunglasses and goggles.[...]
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  • Celebrities and their sunglasses

    Despite the lack of sunshine here in Britain, our favourite celebrities have still been styling up their outfits with amazing pairs of designer sunglasses. Here are our celebrity spots for October…[...]
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  • Reasons to wear sunglasses

    We love our sunglasses, so it always feels like a shame when we have to put them away at the end of summer. With this in mind we thought we would share our four valid reasons for why it is acceptable to wear sunglasses all year round.[...]
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  • Sunglasses for Water Sports Enthusiasts

    Water sports enthusiasts need to wear sunglasses to eliminate the glare of the water surface and prevent eye strain. Many designer sunglasses brands have tackled this issue, though one company that has exceeded all expectations is Hawaiian sunglasses brand, Maui Jim. The company recently added two new styles to their ‘On the Water’ collection, which was created to meet the needs of serious water sports enthusiasts. The new additions are named ‘Blue Water’ and ‘Seawall’ and will be exhibited at the TFWA World Exhibition on the 22nd October in Cannes. The Blue Water glasses are made from high-grade nylon and feature SuperThin lenses, that are much lighter than your average glass lenses. They come in Midnight Black, Purple Stripe, Dark Brown Stripe or Sandstone. The Seawall glasses are also made from a high-grade nylon, again featuring the SuperThin glass lenses. They come in Midnight Blue, Matte Tortoise, Matt Black or Wood grain and can have added Maui HT lenses, for performance sports.[...]
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