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  • Stay safe on the roads this winter by wearing a pair of sunglasses

    In the winter the days are much shorter and the sun is noticeably lower in the sky. Although it is nice to have a little sun in the winter, it can be frustrating when it is beaming in your eyes whilst you are trying to drive. Glare is frequently cited as a cause for road traffic accidents, with the low sun distracting drivers and reflecting off snow, cars in front and even the driver’s own bonnet.[...]
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  • Fashion forecast – sunglasses trends for 2013

    Here at Sunglasses Save we make it our mission to keep you up to date with the latest collections from our favourite designer sunglasses brands. Today we are giving you the inside scoop on the top sunglasses trends for 2013.[...]
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  • Skyfall Sunglasses

    This year marks fifty years since James Bond first appeared on our screens. It started back in 1962 with the release of Dr No, where the swarve and sophisticated James Bond was played by Sean Connery. The latest release Skyfall has not long been out in the cinemas but in just twelve days it has taken fifty seven million pounds at the UK box office, exceeding The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. The ginormous takings have already made Skyfall the most successful Bond film ever in the United Kingdom.[...]
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  • Oakley ends a sponsorship deal and launches their new Airwave goggles

    Here at Sunglasses Save we like to keep our customers up to date with news in the world of sunglasses and this week it is all about Oakley![...]
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