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  • Oversized sunglasses: The bigger the better

    Love them or hate them, oversized sunglasses have remained a popular trend over the years. Some people find them odd and unnecessary (especially when worn all year round) whereas others see them as glamorous and stylish. Here at Sunglasses Save we happen to LOVE oversized designer sunglasses and here are three reasons why…[...]
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  • Safe sunglasses for kids

    Although we do not get a lot of good weather here in Britain, it is still essential for us to protect our eyes when we are out in the sun. This goes for children as well, who can often be reluctant to wear their sunglasses whilst they are playing in the garden or on the beach on holiday. Encourage your children to protect their eyes by treating them to a stylish pair of designer sunglasses from one of the top ranges here on our website.[...]
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  • Getting to grips with sunglasses terminology

    When it comes to shopping for sunglasses, you need to choose a pair that will not only look stylish, but protect your eyes from UV rays. Unfortunately there are some sunglasses out there that are just not up to scratch, so it is important to know your sunglasses terminology in order to make sure you buy a high quality pair that are fit for purpose. Here are a few examples of the terminology used in sunglasses descriptions.[...]
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  • Celebrities' favourite designer sunglasses

    We all know just how much celebrities love wearing designer sunglasses, even when the sun isn't out! If you want to keep up with the latest celebrity sunglasses trends, read on to find out which designer shades they have been wearing over the past month.[...]
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  • Designer sunglasses for sports

    Wearing sunglasses can help protect your eyes whilst you are playing sport, whether you are playing for fun or professionally. If you are out in the sun they will shield your eyes from its harmful UV rays whilst also protecting them from the dirt and debris blowing in the wind, enabling you to concentrate on giving your best performance. If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses to wear during sporting activities it is important to get the right style which will provide comfort and protection whilst enhancing your peripheral vision.[...]
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