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  • Sunglasses that will put a smile on your face this summer

    You have probably heard of seasonal affective disorder. This is when people feel down and sometimes even depressed in the winter months because there is less sunlight. However it is also thought that the sun can make you unhappy too, that is if you do not protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses.[...]
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  • Top sunglasses tips for men

    Buying men's sunglasses can be a tricky task, especially if you are a little uncertain about which style will suit you. Read on for our top sunglasses tips and advice for men…[...]
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  • Five eye care tips for summer

    Although many of us do not have high hopes for a fantastic British summer, it is still worth taking precautions to ensure your eyes are protected for the little sun we do get! UV rays can severely damage the eyes causing cataracts, macular degeneration and other eye problems. Protect your precious eyes by following our five simple tips below.[...]
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  • Kids sunglasses for summer

    As the weather warms up here in the UK, experts are on a mission to remind parents that their children should be wearing sunglasses as well as sun cream. Most people remember to cover their children in sun cream, however many forget the importance of protecting their children’s eyes with sunglasses.[...]
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