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  • Women's sunglasses in the movies

    Although some women get their fashion inspiration from celebrity actresses, others are inspired by the fashion sense of the characters they play on the big screen. Today we will talk you through a few of the most iconic women’s sunglasses from the movies.[...]
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  • Lady Gaga's sunglasses

    Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga certainly knows how to turn heads with every outfit she wears. Recently the ‘Born this way’ singer seems to have toned down her wacky outfits, however she still seems very much attached to her quirky designer sunglasses! Here we run down some of our favourite weird and wonderful Lady Gaga sunglasses.[...]
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  • The Counselor sunglasses

    The Counselor is one of the most anticipated thriller films of the year, which should come as no surprise if you have seen the dream team ensemble it has acquired. Not only have Academy Award nominee Ridley Scott and author Cormac McCarthy teamed up to direct the film, but it also features huge Hollywood names including Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Dias, Javier Bardem and the one and only Brad Pitt.[...]
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  • Men’s designer sunglasses on the big screen

    When you think of iconic designer sunglasses, what springs to mind? Aviators? Wayfarers? Here we bring you the top five pairs of sunglasses ever to grace the big screen.[...]
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  • Designer sunglasses - A practical accessory or jewellery for the face?

    If you have watched the film Sex and the City you probably gazed in awe as Carrie was presented with a rather large closet to keep her beautiful designer shoes. Although you may have been envious of Miss Bradshaw, it probably didn’t surprise you that a whole walk-in wardrobe could be dedicated to shoes, but how about if it was sunglasses? More and more people are purchasing multiple pairs of designer sunglasses to match with different outfits depending on their mood, the weather or the event they are attending. Whereas once handbags and shoes were considered the ultimate fashion indulgences, in the year of 2013 it is designer sunglasses.[...]
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