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  • Celebrities and their quirky sunglasses

    Celebrities and designer sunglasses are two of our favourite things, so today we thought we would share our top picks of celebrities and their quirky sunglasses![...]
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  • Top 3 reasons to wear sunglasses this winter

    Although sunglasses are often thought of as a summer accessory, in terms of eye care, it is just as important that you wear them during the winter months too. Not only are the sun’s UV rays just as harmful in the winter, as in the summer, but your eyes also have to contend with glare, caused by light reflecting off the snow. Today we will talk you through our top three reasons to wear designer sunglasses this winter.[...]
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  • Busting sunglasses myths

    Today we are doing exactly what the title says – busting sunglasses myths! Over the years many myths about sunglasses have developed and we are here to tell you what is true and what isn’t.[...]
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  • Tips on finding the perfect pair of designer sunglasses

    Although it is essential to choose a pair of designer sunglasses that offers comfort and usability, it is equally as important to select a style that suits you! Your sunglasses should reflect your personality and compliment your facial features. Take a look at some of our top tips for finding the perfect pair of sunglasses below.[...]
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