Celebrities and their quirky sunglasses

Celebrities and designer sunglasses are two of our favourite things, so today we thought we would share our top picks of celebrities and their quirky sunglasses!

Over the years Gwen Stefani has worn her fair share of quirky sunglasses. We absolutely love the blue retro style cats eye sunglasses she is rocking in this picture with her family! We are not sure whether the blue sunglasses were an intentional choice to match the Monsters University logo, since it was the premier she was attending, though it does sounds like something she would do!

If there is one celebrity you can always count on for wearing wacky designer sunglasses, it is Lady Gaga. The pair we have chosen to feature today are one of her less crazy pairs. We actually really like these small round designer sunglasses, which are rather Lennon-esque. We unfortunately cannot say the same for the witch-like outfit she's wearing though. Ah Gaga, you never fail to surprise us with your fashion choices!

Katy Perry is one quirky little lady. Whether she is wearing candy-embellished dresses or 90s tartan, she always looks the picture of perfection. We absolutely love the lolita style red heart sunglasses she is wearing in this picture. There is something so feminine and cute about heart shaped frames!

Although Pixie Lott isn't known for having a quirky dress sense, like the three other celebrities featured in this post, her choice of sunglasses at this gig were definitely on the quirky side. The wacky embellished sunglasses featured a palm tree and flamingo on either side of the frames. These are perhaps one of the weirdest pairs of women's sunglasses we have ever seen! Though we are not sure the average person could pull these off on a daily basis, they would definitely work as festival wear during the summer months!

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