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  • Ray Ban release their most luxury sunglasses yet

    One of Ray Ban's most iconic pairs of sunglasses, the Aviators, has been given a solid gold makeover and we mean literally! The solid gold framed sunglasses are reported to go on sale globally this month with a price tag of £2,893.00.[...]
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  • Designer sunglasses - A practical accessory or jewellery for the face?

    If you have watched the film Sex and the City you probably gazed in awe as Carrie was presented with a rather large closet to keep her beautiful designer shoes. Although you may have been envious of Miss Bradshaw, it probably didn’t surprise you that a whole walk-in wardrobe could be dedicated to shoes, but how about if it was sunglasses? More and more people are purchasing multiple pairs of designer sunglasses to match with different outfits depending on their mood, the weather or the event they are attending. Whereas once handbags and shoes were considered the ultimate fashion indulgences, in the year of 2013 it is designer sunglasses.[...]
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  • New to the sunglasses scene: Kiss & Kill

    Here at Sunglasses Save we make it our mission to bring you the latest designer sunglasses from the top new brands on the scene. Today we are going to introduce you to a fabulous new designer called Kiss & Kill.[...]
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  • Sunglasses that will put a smile on your face this summer

    You have probably heard of seasonal affective disorder. This is when people feel down and sometimes even depressed in the winter months because there is less sunlight. However it is also thought that the sun can make you unhappy too, that is if you do not protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses.[...]
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  • A brief history of wayfarer sunglasses

    It is fair to say that wayfarer sunglasses are one of the most popular and iconic styles in the world, along with aviator style shades. Wayfarers were originally made by Ray Ban, a designer sunglasses brand which was founded in 1937.The style was designed by a man called Raymond Stegeman in 1952 and the glasses went on to be launched in 1956.[...]
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  • The best sunglasses for festivals 2013

    With summer just a few months away, there’s one thing on our minds at that’s festival season! No festival goer would be complete without a pair of wellies, an oversized rucksack and a fabulous pair of statement sunglasses. Today we are going to give you a run-down of the best festival sunglasses to wear at the events this summer…[...]
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  • Oakley's new limited edition Tour de France sunglasses

    It has been announced that leading designer sunglasses brand Oakley will be releasing limited edition collections of their popular sunglasses inspired by the 100th Tour de France and cyclist Mark Cavendish. The limited edition Oakley sunglasses will be a must-have for all cycling enthusiasts.[...]
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  • The top five most iconic sunglasses

    Sunglasses come in a million different shapes, styles and sizes but there are some which stand out amongst the others and have gained an iconic status over the years. These sunglasses are known for their weird and wacky design features as well as the celebrities and characters that have worn them. Here are what we consider to be the top five most iconic sunglasses in the world…[...]
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  • Spring sunglasses to suit your face shape

    Although the weather here in the UK is pretty foggy and dull, we are still holding on to hopes that we will soon be treated to some brighter sunny weather so we can wear our sunglasses! This spring there are so many desirable sunglasses trends to try out, from mirrored lenses to geometric and retro shapes. Today we are going to help you decide on the best spring sunglasses to suit your face shape…[...]
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  • Introducing Viva and a new look for Sunglasses Save

    Here at Sunglasses Save we are always working to bring our customers the best sunglasses from the world’s leading eyewear brands. Today we are here to talk about Viva, one of the fabulous brands we will be adding to our website in the near future.[...]
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