Join the fashion elite by wearing aviator sunglasses.

Aviator sunglasses were reputedly developed in the 1920’s – you guessed it – for pilots. Their characteristic wide, dark lenses were designed to allow the pilot to glance at instruments in the cockpit whilst still protecting their eyes.

The designer sunglasses brand Rayban are best known for producing aviator glasses but as they have grown in popularity other brands such as Randolph also produce them. So now that you know why they were designed and who makes them, the next question is who wears them?

Aviator sunglasses come from a high pedigree. As far back as the 1930’s they were worn by film stars such as Clark Gable. They continued to grow in popularity into the 1970s when they were spotted on the hit TV show “Miami Vice” and on celebrities such as Cher. A pivotal moment in the history of aviator sunglasses came in 1986 with the film “Top Gun”. This modern classic depicted Tom Cruise as sexy pilot “Maverick” who was rarely seen without his trusty aviator sunglasses.

That was in 1986 so who wears them now? After all, you can’t join the fashion elite unless they are wearing similar designer sunglasses. Let’s start with the power brand of the moment that is the Beckhams. Both Victoria and David Beckham have been snapped in their trusty aviator shades. In fact they love the style so much that they appear to have multiple pairs. Tom Cruise is also a clear fan. His “Top Gun” days may be over but he still wears the classic aviators that helped him shoot to fame. A-list stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Penelope Cruz have been spotted wearing aviators as their classic look is so easy to wear in all situations.

If you fancy a twist on the classic aviator glasses then try mirrored aviators. The trend for mirrored sunglasses is bound to continue into 2014 and with celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale sporting the mirrored aviator look they are definitely a trend for the fashion forward to keep an eye on.

Aviator sunglasses suit all face shapes but especially those with high cheek bones. They have a classic look due to their unisex nature which means they look chic with almost anything.

If you would like to purchase a pair of aviator glasses it may be better to buy designer sunglasses rather than cheaper copies. They will be of a superior quality therefore protecting your eyes and lasting longer. Plus it means you really will have joined the celebrities as you could purchase an identical set to your idol.

If you want to make aviator sunglasses your hot summer accessory then check out the range here at Sunglasses Save. With designer sunglasses such as Rayban you will be part of the fashion pack before you know it.

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