Ray Ban release their most luxury sunglasses yet

One of Ray Ban's most iconic pairs of sunglasses, the Aviators, has been given a solid gold makeover and we mean literally! The solid gold framed sunglasses are reported to go on sale globally this month with a price tag of £2,893.00.

Just one thousand, two hundred pairs of the eighteen carat gold frames will go on sale and we are pretty sure that a few Aviator-loving celebrities like Brad Pitt and Victoria Beckham will be picking up a pair. The eighteen carat solid gold framed Aviators are the most luxury model ever to be created by the iconic designer brand. The new model will come equipped with polarised crystal G-15 glass, assuring optical comfort in all weather conditions, whether you are sunning yourself on a beach or taking a trip to the Alps during ski season.

Ray Ban's Aviators were originally designed for pilots in the US Air Force back in 1937. After much demand, they were redesigned and rebranded, before being launched into the commercial market. Over the years the designer sunglasses have been worn by many different celebrities and featured in a number of films including Top Gun, James Bond and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Ray Ban was recently voted 'cooler' than Chanel, Prada and Alexander McQueen by a panel of key influences which included Daisy Lowe, Julien Mac Donald and Kelly Hoppen. In the overall 'CoolBrands' list it placed at eleven, just missing the top ten which included brands like Rolex, Nike, Aston Martin and Apple.

The iconic sunglasses brand are clearly still going strong and are not shy about their success, claiming that the gold sunglasses are being released as part of a new line that is set to take Ray Ban to new heights. If however you miss out on the chance to treat yourself to a pair of eighteen carat gold Aviators or find that they are just out of your price range, we have a fantastic selection of Ray Ban sunglasses for you to choose from instead!

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