Most people wear them to protect their eyes, some use them to hide their identity, some hide tired and puffy eyes. Whatever you use them for, picking the right pair of sunglasses can really make a look, create a persona, and tell people you mean the business.

There are so many styles, shapes, colours and lenses to sunglasses, and as more and more flood the market every year its sometimes difficult to choose a pair to suit you, maybe you have more than one pair, one for driving one for shopping, one for holidays and so on.

Face shape can really dictate which type of sunglasses you choose.

If you have a heart shaped face with a bigger forehead and pointed chin you will suit round and angular glasses, make sure they're the same size from top to bottom to create the balance on your face shape.

If you're an oval face shape you can take any sunglasses, you lucky thing!

For longer oblong faces choose from larger frames and avoid small frames as they will look lost on your face and enhance its shape. Oversized frames will create the perfect look.

Finally, if you have a square face with a strong jaw, choose rounded shapes to soften the look.

I always had problems getting my sunglasses, but when oversized frames came in, it was a saviour. I currently own these beautiful Dragon sunglasses, plus another reason I chose these particular sunglasses is that they're practical as I Snowboard a lot, so needed a pair of glasses that were tough and had lenses that protected my eyes when on the slopes. When the sun reflects off the snow, it's a hell of a lot stronger than the normal sun and can cause snow blindness, which we don't need when cruising down the slopes.

If you partake in a variety of sports choosing sunglasses becomes a bit more tricky, you've got to think about the environment you train in whether that's on water, on the slopes or on a track. There are different categories of lens, category 1 being a fashion lens, which still protects your eyes but the higher you go the more protection you get from sun reflection off snow and water.

Look at for thousands of different styles and brands of sunglasses, you'll find your perfect pair and head off into the sunset .

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