The correct UV filter in your sunglasses really can protect your eyes!

You wouldn’t go out in the bright sunshine without an adequate coating of sunscreen, so why subject your eyes to damage from the sun? Sunscreen protects our skin from burning which in turn protects us from nasties such as skin cancer and premature ageing. Our eyes get affected by high levels of exposure to the sun too, so this is why it is important that your sunglasses are providing you with adequate protection. Even on a hazy day, your eyes are still at risk, just as your skin is. So how do you choose the right sunglasses to protect you from the hazards of the sun?

The UV Filter Adults and children alike should use sunglasses in the sunshine in order to protect them from damage. Choose high quality sunglasses which offer complete protection against ultraviolet light. You will find a sticker on suitable sunglasses that will usually state the UVA and UVB protection level. This is a good indication - the higher the level the better the protection. Eye care experts always recommend that people use sunglasses with a high UVA/UVB protection level in order to adequately shield eyes from too much UV damage.

What About on the Water? If you spend a lot of time on the water whether it’s skiing, boating, rafting or any other water sport, you need to be extra specially careful as the water reflects the sunlight. Choose lenses which are polarised in order to reduce glare and filter out the reflected sunlight. Bear in mind that polarised glasses make looking at screens difficult, and they won’t help with UV protection unless stated otherwise.

Choose a Comfortable Pair The most important thing is that you choose good quality sunglasses which are comfortable to wear, otherwise the temptation will be to leave them off and expose your eyes to harmful rays. Try a number of different options before making your final choice, and make sure that they offer an adequate UV filter.

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses is tricky and sometimes you need a little extra help. Luckily the experts at Sunglasses Save are on hand to help guide you through the decision making process, helping you find the perfect pair for you. Give them a call to discuss your individual needs in more detail - they will happily be able to advise you further. After all, you only have one set of eyes so you should protect them as best as you can.

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